Our sauna world featuring various wood-heated saunas offers wellness and relaxation experiences. Sauna bathing is one kind of mindfulness.

Here you have an unique opportunity to take a break from the modern world and enjoy a serene atmosphere of the old lakeside environment. The wooden logs of the old houses have roots in lumbering projects from the early half of last century. Those days, timber was harvested from the forests by the powers of men and horses. Sauna played an important role in keeping the lumberjacks clean and in taking care of their laundry. Beyond that, sauna provided for a moment of meditation and relaxation after a stressful day. That is how it is still today!

Sauna bathing regularly supports health in many ways.

Rönölä offers an arctic sauna world with different kind of wood-heated saunas that provide an optimal healthy climate for relaxing yourself while cleaning your body and mind from rush and stress. Embrace their gentle moist heat with time and no hurry… (1) Click here to read more about prices and other services. …(2) You may book your stay by emailing or phoning us.

We warm up the sauna with no rush to provide you a soft steamy heat that relaxes mostly

The Rustic Sauna is the old and original sauna that already served lumberjacks during their logging seasons in the last century. The Smoke Sauna is a state-of-the-art sauna comprising a lot of silent sauna-culture knowledge from past centuries but is newly built in a unique style. It takes many hours to warm up the big stoves of these saunas glowing hot. In the smoke sauna, after the heating time the smoke is aired out and seating benches get cleaned. Then the sauna room shall settle for an hour or two before it is ready to welcome sauna guests.

These large saunas welcome well up to ten persons at a time. After relaxing some fifteen to twenty minutes in the soft and steamy heat, you can cool off in between and have a swim in the natural lake. In winter, ice swimming or spin in the snow cools you effectively.

You can clean yourself in the steam room of the Rustic sauna in the most traditional way by mixing cold and hot waters in the wash bucket for rinsing out yourself. Alternatively, you can choose the modern shower in the separate service building.

Tips and recommendations

The price includes bath towels and seat covers. During your sauna visit you have fresh drinking water and mugs available. Some snack can be ordered as extras. The dressing and hangout premises are in the historic and idyllic main house that is some tens of meters away from the sauna. Please note that all buildings are detached. If possible, please bring your bathrobe or such and slippers suitable for walking sandy or snowy paths. This would top up convenience of your sauna experience. We have a limited number of sandals available on spot. Swimming suits are not obligatory. It is up to your group to decide on the policy. If wish to use swimming suits, please take your own ones with you.

Upon arrival, we will welcome you personally and introduce you about our facilities and guide you through important details for assuring your best sauna experience.

Before booking please get acquainted with our general terms and conditions.

For more information please feel free to contact us