Clean, fresh, relaxed – enjoy with no hurry!

We provide high quality and memorable experience services that stem from our fascinating history and culture of logging projects and lumberjack life and from the cleanliness, freshness and tranquility of the surrounding nature. We are open for groups on request. We serve food and drink according to your wishes, in cooperation with the local quality restaurant and catering services.

We develop our operations and services based on the principles of responsibility and sustainable values to safeguard that our unique historic site can serve current and future generations.

Our development is progressing step by step

In renovation and new construction, we have taken into account local know-how, custom and building culture. We work with local entrepreneurs with the best understanding and knowledge.

We proactively minimize and prevent environmental impact and improve material and energy efficiency. In recent years, we have taken measures such as:

  • The outhouse chemical and traditional cold privy have been replaced by a toilet and shower building connected to the municipal water and drainage network.
  • The kitchen in the historic main building and the lakeside sauna are connected to the municipal water and drainage network.
  • Electrification and lighting have been redesigned for improved electrical safety and energy efficiency, and these efforts will continue where necessary.
  • In food and beverage serving, we favor multipurpose dishes and utensils. We do not use disposable tableware.

Our motto is that less is more

Our goal is to promote the cheering up, comfort and well-being of our guests. Our motto is that less is more. Asceticism and simplicity help our guests calm down and respect the fundamental values of life. We advise our guests on the sensitivity and vulnerability of arctic nature, and enable and encourage our guests to respect the environment and nature. It is important for us to be present in our activities and to gather direct visitor feedback to make our activities more enjoyable.

Our sauna services provide relaxing and soothing moments in the spirit of old-time traditions, and their foundation lays in the health and wellbeing promoting impacts of sauna bathing. The surrounding wilderness and the lakeside make the moment memorable.

We promote collaboration with other companies and people in the region

We contribute to the development of Luosu village and Luosujärvi by actively participating in the activities of the village and the fishing community. We seek to promote local economic opportunities in the municipality of Kolari and the Ylläs region by participating in the activities of the Ylläs Tourism Association and Visit Ylläs marketing company. We provide and share information through various communication channels.

Our company cooperates with Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park, which has a Europarc (Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas) certificate for responsible nature tourism.

We hope that our guests will stay longer in the Ylläs area and we will also be happy to recommend the services of our partners so that everyone can have a nice stay.

We warmly welcome you to take a soothing break from everyday life in our historic setting!