Arrange a nice stay or an event in this old traditional lumberjack´s site by a wilderness lake

Rönölä is open on order for memorable events, occasions and celebrations and other stopovers like as a safari or hiking destination throughout a year. Rönölä locates by the Lake Luosujärvi surrounded by a beautiful hilly terrain. The Fell Ylläs rises up proudly in the north-east corner of the lake. In the wide lakeside landscape it is nice to admire mid-summer sun or full moon or to hunt the Northern Lights. The old pines wobble in the wind with dignity, and the ”kuukkeli” bird, Siberian Jay, watches down and monitors the world. Close your eyes, breathe in deep and calm down. Listen to the wind. Pure and fresh air refreshes gently the body and soul. Rönölä is an old, rustic logging site from the last century. Lapland´s scenery is on its best and you can experience untouched wilderness and authentic nature in the spirits of old times as lumberjacks did over 50 years ago. Here the time travel slows down, and you may enjoy the moment of life, day or night, without hustle and bustle. Learn more about our old lumberjack site and prices.

The beautiful lake Luosujärvi adds up outdoor fun and activities

Lake Luosujärvi and the surrounding wilderness are full of opportunities for many kind of fresh-air activities in summer and in winter, in spring and in autumn – throughout all the eight seasons in Lapland. Thanks to pure waters of Lake Luosujärvi its fish is very good in taste, and they are also very hungry for bites – sometimes. We have rowboats for rent during summer time, and in winter it is ice-fishing that is great fun. During late summer picking berries or mushrooms adds for culinary pleasures. Or if you are more for physical challenge then hiking, biking, skiing, and such are might be your choice. Jump and swin in the fresh waves of Luosujärvi that stimulates the body and the soul. This part of Lapland next to the  Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park has the freshest air in the world. On dark nights look out for the amazing Northern Lights.

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Rönölä is easily reachable

Hiking, biking, skiing, riding… Rönölä is easily reachable. It is well to arrive also by car as it locates by a main road N:o 9404 Luosuntie. The neighboring village of Luosu has been inhabited since early 1900´s by the ancestors of people who still live here. The village got the road connection in mid 1960´s and electricity was connected as late as 1975. Today there are about ten households as permanent settlement plus tens of leisure home around the lake. Rönölä is in private property of Jukka and Anne. They honor the history of Rönölä and wish to restore the lumberjack life story to future generations.