This is an unique place to ease off from the modern world and to enjoy serene atmosphere of the old environment and its restful surrounding wilderness. The rustic logging site is open on order for memorable events, occasions and celebrations and as a safari or hiking destination all the year round.  Click here to look for more images…

● Celebrations and anniversaries  ● Theme trips and excursions  ● Sauna and other recreational activities  

● Safari and hiking destination for ice-fishing, snowshoe  ● Nothern Lights hunting trips  

● Courses, camps, lectures and exhibitionst  ● Group accommondation

The old main house with its stand-alone large sauna and the spacious lakeside yard facilitate organising many indoor and outdoor programs throughout a year. A couple of wind shelters with fireplaces onshore enhance opportunities and are ideal scenes for snack breaks and for enjoying the sun set or hunting the Northern lights. On the contrary of the old time functions the property is today connected to electric supplies, and moreover there is a separate water closet building with tap water and drain connections for improved convenience of visitors.

We are open on order and gladly tailor our offer to your needs. Here follows some suggestions of our services:

(1) Rönölä Rustic Stopover

The old lumberjack site fits for many kind of events. The main building comprises of two spacious rooms where from a small group of 4-10 persons up to 50 persons can be seated conveniently. The modern kitchen features tap water and drain connections plus hot water heater, a large electric stove and oven and a large fridge with an icebox plus a dishwasher.

PRICE: 300 € per day or 120 € per two hours for groups of 8-10 persons

  • For larger groups please contact us for a specific offer.
  • The wood heated saunas and the wind shelters onshore can be booked separately as added options.

(2) Rönölä Rustic Overnight Accommodation

Here you can stay over the night in the lumberjack style and spirits. The one or both rooms in the main building can be easily made fit for needs of accommodating small groups of up to ten persons. The old iron-frame beds feature basic mattresses and pillows.

PRICE: 500 € per night for groups of 8-10 persons

  • We service also sleeping bags with washable inner liners when ordered separately.

(3) Rönölä´s Relaxing 2x Sauna Package

Our sauna world offers three wood heated lake side saunas. For this package we will warm up you both the rustic lumberjack sauna and the smoke sauna.

PRICE: 420€ for two hours and for groups of 1-6 persons

  • Bath towels and seat covers. Dressing and hangout in the main building. Read more…

(4) Rönölä Rustic Lumberjacks ́ Sauna

The large, rustic wood heated sauna by the lakeside offers for relaxing moments in moist heat in the same way as it did in the times of lumberjacks. It welcomes well up to ten persons at a time to relish to its gentle heat.

PRICE: 160 € for two hours or 300 € per day  and for groups of 1-6 persons

  • The Rönölä embroided bath towels are available for a rent fee of 5 € and those are also for sale at a price of 15 €.


Contact us and let´s work out together a wonderful service package for your needs.