On the Finnish Sauna Day we bath properly!

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Sauna bathing is a Finnish cultural heritage and on our national Sauna Day saunapäiväyle Saturday 27th of July we bath properly!

Book on your calendar: Saturday 27th of July!

To celebrate the Sauna Day, you can get a relaxing choice of two saunas in Rönölä during your stay. The old traditional lumberjack sauna has in the past some decades ago served lumberjacks who lived their working months in the large red-brown log-wood hut. In those years there was still no road connection, no electricity and no water pipes to the spot like today. We tell Rönölä’s history and story during the sauna day at some convenient moments. Smoke sauna is newer but traditional in its function and incredibly soothing atmosphere. The gentle steam of both wood-heated saunas will comfortably relax. When the black organ of the stove roars, you forget regret and sorrows!

Wood-heated sauna relaxes gently in its moist steam

  • Sauna Day is open from 3 pm to 21 pm.
  • Pre-registration by email anne@ronola.fi or phone 040 511 8102.
  • Payment 15 € by cash.
  • Mixed Sauna! Take the swimsuit with you.

You can borrow a sauna towel and seat cover; as well as sauna suits as long as the size range is enough for visitors. Showering is possible in the lumberjack sauna or in a separate service building with modern toilet and shower facilities. The dressing and living areas are in the main building. You can take your own cookies and sauna drinks. We have Ylläs’s fresh tap water available. On the lake-side campfire, you can roast the sauce or more or otherwise just enjoy your stay.

Sauna bathing is one kind of mindfulness

We Finns are the unquestioned champions of sauna – we have over 3 million of them. Regular sauna visits heal both body and mind.