Sauna bathing is one kind of mindfulness

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A Finnish sauna tradition is all about calming down. Letting go of any stressful thoughts. Just sitting and relaxing. We welcome you and advice to slow down the pace. It is one kind of mindfulness to be in sauna, concentrating and calming yourself down. The heat relaxes muscle tension. When it gets too sweaty, you step outside and plunge in the water – in winter season in the ice cold lake and in summer in a less cold lake. The cold shock boosts the immune system and leaves you super relaxed, full of endorphins. Repeat heat bathing and icy plunge a few times and deep sleep is guaranteed. The health benefits of sauna are not to be undermined.

Regular sauna visits heal both body and mind.

The perfect “sauna löyly” is something we Finns are always seeking for.The word “löyly” cannot be translated as it means more than just steam. Löyly is a concept of how the steam travels and stays inside the sauna, how humid it is and what the temperature is – not burning hot nor too bleak. The trick for the perfect löyly experience lies in the way the sauna is heated. In fact, it is a form of art.

One of our three options is an ancient type: smoke sauna.

Those were popular all the way from the Iron Age. Heating up a smoke sauna is an art not suited for the short tempered. At Rönölä we tend the sauna for eight hours before it is ready! Generally they take at least 4–6 hours to prepare. Smoke sauna does not have a chimney, so the smoke from the fire under the stove stays inside. The especially large stove is covered with hundreds of kilograms of rocks. They take a lot of time to heat up. Once the temperature is warm enough, one needs to let out the smoke containing carbon monoxide before going in. The smoke vanishes with steam as water is thrown on the rocks. But the gentle and pleasant smell of smoke stays in.We let the stove still mellow down for an hour or so and then you can go in. The steam must feel soft. After all the hard work, the warmth stays in a smoke sauna for a long time. At Rönölä, the close to 800 kilograms of rocks on the stove store heat efficiently. If heated up for the evening, the sauna is still nice and warm in the next morning.

All the evil of the world is gone.

There is an unique atmosphere and smell in the smoke sauna. It is very silent, as there is no fire constantly under the stove when you go in to bathe. And the thick walls are practically sound-proof. The world stops. Even if there is a storm raging outside, in the sauna you are like in womb. All the evil of the world is gone!   Article-sauna-is-place-of-mindfulness


The above text is an excerpt from the article published in the  Kuukkeli Ylläs Times 2019 February Edition Click here to zoom the article in full screen.

Champions of sauna.

This is a category where Finland truly sets itself apart from the rest of the world. We Finns are the unquestioned champions of sauna – we have over 3 million of them, which is more than one sauna for every other citizen. You may have also heard that Finland is the “Land of a Thousand Lakes”. Well, it is also a land of thousands of forests. Over 70 % of Finland is taken over by beautiful forest. 21 REASONS TO LOVE FINLAND – Click to read more of greatest things about Finland Didi you know? Finnish population: 5’513’130 | Number of dwellings: 3’003’000 | Cars in use: 2’692’785 | Saunas in total (estimate): 3’000’000 … in flats: 1’651’000 …at cottages (estimate): 797’845 … Mobile ones 9’800

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