Respecting the environment, we move on!

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At Rönölä, we follow a step-by-step path of sustainable and ecological development to build our operations for the needs of travelers and guests.

During last four years of our Rönölä’s ownership, we have been restoring old buildings and building new ones without ruining the uniqueness of the historic site and taking care not to strain the delicate nature surrounding it.

For this winter season 2019-2020, we worked together with our partner to open a snowmobile trail through the forest instead of the former lake ice trail, which reduces the burden on our little clear-water Luosujärvi. We hope that the delicious fish stock in the lake will reward us with abundant catches.

Snowmobiling is a popular activity during the snowy months in Lapland, and we also want to welcome our snowmobile visitors. We can be reached by car, bike, ski or walk, too.

Learn more about our principles and actions in the field of ​​Responsibility and Sustainability.