Most beautiful Christmas songs excite the Christmas spirits

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Come to sing beautiful Finnish Christmas carols to Rönölä´s old log hut!

On Monday, December 10, starting at 6 pm the most beautiful Christmas carols chime as we sing together under guidance of Pastor Asko Nuorkivi in Rönölä’s old lumberjack house, whose dark log walls create a pleasant setting to calm down into Christmas moods.

The event is free of charge. The Kolari communion will gather a volunteer donation for the missionary work.

We will have available some warm juice, chaga tea, cookies and forest cakes.

You are warmly welcome!


Beautiful Christmas songs excite the Christmas spirits
The Christmas decoration in Rönölä’s old lumberjack house

Arkihuolesi Kaikki Heitä (Finnish) | Mauno Koivisto

Cast away your everyday worries,
let your mind soar young.
Blessed Christmas is already calling us
back to great memories again.
Who could feel cold, when you can feel
the warm and tender breath in the winter weather
thawing the ice of the chest.1

The dear Christmas star lit up
in the trying night of the world,
a glow beyond measure emanated from it,
and it is still here as people’s bliss;
when it shines on the paths of children,
the lakes glimmer and the pastures sparkle,
at the bright tree the far away lands
of happiness loom at them.

Composer: Leevi Madetoja | Original Finnish Lyrics: Alpo Noponen