Summer quiz :) What on earth is this?

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Is it a glass roofed beach house to be made up? Or do they build the old sauna with a view for Polar Lights? What is going on here? Rönölä´s old sauna was set up in 1960 in its beautiful location on the shore of Lake Luosujärvi for providing refreshment to those up to thirty lumberjacks lodging in the main house during their logging season. After hard working days they bathed out of stress and strains in the sauna. During the last 60 years a great many people have enjoyed the gentle heat of this lumberjack´s sauna. It is still today in an excellent function, but some of its structures and frames need maintenance.

The quiz resolves during August, when Rönölä´s rustic sauna opens its services for the benefit of sauna lovers.